The female urge incontinence is (finally) curable!


This topic is hardly present in public and also often still considered taboo. But urinary incontinence is a very common problem, in Germany alone millions of women suffer from incontinence. It is estimated that every third elderly woman suffers from incontinence. Thus, this disease has a higher significance than the so-called common diseases high blood pressure or diabetes.

Many women come to terms with their supposed destiny and just accept the significant limitations of quality of life. This must be no more, as affected women can now be effectively helped with the new surgical technique CESA/VASA, developed by Prof. Dr. Jäger.

Medical experience since 2007, scientific studies and more than 800 operated patients show success rates of over 75%. This means that three out of four patients will be cured and then can enjoy a significantly better quality of life.

We would like to inform you on these pages about the topic of female urinary incontinence and in particular about the new surgical technique CESA / VASA for the treatment of female urge urinary incontinence.

If you have questions or need a consultation, please look up in the medical centers which doctor in your area is specialized on this new surgical technique developed by Prof. Jäger. We are there for you!

Most women are uncomfortable with their problem and it takes a great effort to overcome this.Doctors who are specialized in the treatment of incontinence are confronted by this every day. Their professional expertise and high degree of sensitivity will make you feel comfortable to talk about your problem.

Female urinary incontinence is not destiny!